express yourself:

a 6 week transformative experience

Express Yourself is a 6 week program created to guide women through the use of expressive art activities (writing, drawing, and painting) to help you gain clarity on life’s purpose for you, manage unresolved emotions and issues, determine what’s next, and understand why placing God at the center of your life is the ultimate solution to living a life that is Spiritually BOLD.
— Mi'esha

Oftentimes something in our life has triggered our commitment to or lack of commitment to spending time with God. We’ve been hurt, frustrated, angry, confused, lost and so much more so we either call on God more than ever or we negate Him because we don’t understand why He would put us in specific situations.⁣⁣

When this happens, we really have to take a look in the mirror to see what is really causing us to stray away from Him and we sometimes need help figuring that out.⁣⁣ But sometimes when we go to Him, we simply (A) don’t know what to say or (B) are so fed up with the things in our lives and we want to rant to Him asking why me. We get so frustrated and don’t know what to pray, so we choose not to pray at all.⁣⁣I’m sure I’m not the only one who has experienced this more times than I can count.⁣⁣

⁣It can be so hard for us to verbalize to friends, family, or even God just what we’re feeling or what we need.⁣⁣

And what is a woman to do when she can’t find the words to say?⁣⁣ She can enroll in my signature program Express Yourself: A 6 week transformative experience that will take you from feelings of doubtfulness to hopefulness in your faith journey.


Express Yourself Is For You If You:

- Are struggling to make time with God

- Are questioning if He really hears your prayers

- Are confused/lost on the direction of your life because you won’t face what is holding you back

- Are dealing with unresolved emotions/issues in life that are hindering you from moving forward


This Group Coaching Program is 6 Weeks and Includes:

- 6 weekly interactive group lessons delivered online

- All materials mailed to your home

- (1) One on One Accountability call (1 hour)

- Private FB Group/Group Me for additional support

- Weekly check ins and challenges

- Curriculum printable booklet

- Certificate of completion


Weekly Modules:

Week 1: How do I view my faith/relationship with God right now?

Week 2: What keeps me away from God right now?

Week 3: What do I need to hold on to and let go of?

Week 4: What does my prayer life look like? How do I want my prayer life to look?

Week 5: What is a bold prayer and how is this different from a regular prayer? Why should I pray boldly?

Week 6: How do I enjoy this journey I’m on now, the waiting season?


After Completing This Program, You Will:

- Feel more connected to God/have a strengthened relationship with Him

- Have a better sense of direction for your life

- Feel relieved/released of some things that have been holding you back

- Deal with some unresolved emotions/issues

- Have confidence in God to live life more boldly


The Investment for #ExpressYourself Is:

One Payment of $347 or

3 Payments of $147

Registration is open now.

The inaugural cohort of #ExpressYourself begins soon.


Tidbits About #ExpressYourself

- You do not have to be an artist to enroll in #ExpressYourself. You just have to be willing to tap into your creative side.

- You must be open to sharing, listening, and learning from the other women in the program. By opening yourself up, you will get more out of the program. You never know how your story may help another woman.

- Registration is now open.

- The inaugural cohort of #ExpressYourself begins soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When and how will I receive the materials for this program? Materials will be mailed to you via Amazon Prime a week before the program begins.

  2. What if I don’t want to share my personal mailing address? I understand privacy, so if you would rather not share your personal mailing address, I can have the materials sent to your nearest Amazon Locker.

  3. Will I be expected to attend all six sessions? Every participant is encouraged to show up to each class, but I do know that life happens. You will receive the link to the class as well as the assignment.

  4. Are the group lessons live? Yes, all classes are online using the platform (free to you) and are recorded.

  5. Do I have to pay the full amount up front? No you do not as there are two options to enroll in this program. If you would like to pay the full amount click here. If you would rather pay 3 payments, click here.

  6. What is expressive arts? Expressive arts involves the practice of using visual arts, literature, and writing in an integrated way to foster human growth, development and healing.

  7. How do I schedule my One on One Accountability call with you? You will receive a welcome email with a link to schedule your call.

Still have questions or concerns about whether or not #ExpressYourself is the right program for you?

Email me at