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the story behind be spiritually bold

For much of my life, I lived without knowing who my biological father was and I tried my best to bury it beneath my feelings. Every now and then I would muster up the energy to take the little information I knew about him and attempted to find him; but I always hit dead ends. I felt as though my life was great and I was flourishing without him so there was no need to really know who he was at 26. However, during pre-marital counseling, the issue tugged at me more and more and I could no longer act like not knowing him didn't affect my life and the life I was about to start. I began being intentional about praying and making it a point to spend time with God to ask Him to allow me to find him before my wedding date (June 11, 2017). Within a week, I found him, messaged him on Facebook, spoke to him on the phone for the first time, took a paternity test, and got the results stating that he in fact was my biological father)! I had all the resources I needed to find him, I just had to be intentional, get committed to God in my own way, and really tell him what I wanted and why I needed to find him at this point in my life.

Every since that pivotal moment in my life, I have been praying what I would call BOLD prayers and put some action behind those prayers if you want to see God bring them into fruition, if it's His will. These bold prayers are ones that scare you, you or others may think the prayer is unable to be reached, or the prayers require you to put more effort in your spending time with God than you have been doing.

who is be spiritually bold for?

I created Be Spiritually Bold for the woman who believes in God but may not be ready to fully commit and put Him at the center. You feel like you have already done great things in your life, so you don’t need to make any changes. But then you say to yourself, girl stop it, you know that you want more out of life and you need to get right with God because you know that He can take you places beyond your reach.

What Does It Mean to Be Spiritually Bold?

Being Spiritually Bold means trusting that with God, you are able to do anything you put your mind to—no matter how big, small, realistic, or unrealistic it may seem to others. You must have the confidence in yourself to know that it can be done as long as you have God at the center of it all.

The Leap of Faith That Sent My Husband and I To Cairo, Egypt

One thing I decided to Be Spiritually BOLD about in 2017 was to be employed at another school. The first thing I considered was transferring to another school in Gwinnett County. Me being me, I began researching schools in the county but in the back of my mind I knew I wanted something different – I wanted to work abroad. “But I’ve never heard of a school counselor moving abroad to work – only teachers can do that.”…“and what about my husband? Where would he work, he has zero experience in the education field so they prob wouldn’t give him a work visa”…”and I had only been a Professional School Counselor for 3 years, am I even ready for this?” So many doubts and fears clouded my thinking…

But God!

After a series of interviews at a job fair and Skype interviews, I landed a job as an Elementary School Counselor at an American School in Egypt and my husband (who has no education experience) landed a job as a Teacher’s Assistant/PE Coach.

It has definitely been a journey of the good, bad, ugly, and stank nasty. There have been several moments of doubt, fear, and regret, but we have survived our first year and we know that we will be fine going into our second year because we have God, each other, and a strong support system.

Other Tidbits About Me

Education: Bachelors of Art in Psychology, Master of Education in Professional Counseling with a Specialization in School Counseling, Education Specialist in School Counseling

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

My Little Family: Me, my husband Christian, and our fur baby Nugget

Favorite Colors: Hot Pink and Yellow

Likes: Traveling, exploring new places, brunch and mimosas, dancing, crafting, creating my dream house on Pinterest, joking and laughing, encouraging others, and cooking

Random Fact: In social settings, I tend to get a feel for the crowd first before diving into conversations (slim introverted-ness). Oh but when I get a good feeling, I can talk and talk like we’ve been girlfriends foreva lol😂

I’m excited to share parts of my world with you, so if you have any questions about anything, feel free to reach out!



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